Are Hedgehogs Good Pets

Pros of Keeping Hedgehogs as Pets

Cute and Unique

Hedgehogs are certainly cute, with their quills and snuffling noises. They’re an unusual pet that will interest and entertain.

Low Maintenance

Hedgehogs need less space and daily care compared to dogs and cats. Regular cage cleaning, fresh food and water is all they require.

Quiet and Solitary

Hedgehogs sleep a lot during the day and are quiet pets. They don’t mind being alone, so they fit busy lifestyles.

Cons of Keeping Hedgehogs as Pets

Prone to Health Issues

Hedgehogs can easily get respiratory infections, mites, tumors and other conditions requiring vet care. This gets pricey.

Require Specialized Care

The right hedgehog diet, lighting and temperature must be carefully followed to keep them healthy. Proper handling is also key.


Hedgehogs are most active at night which doesn’t work for everyone’s schedule. They sleep heavily during the daytime.


While hedgehogs can get used to their owner, most do not enjoy being handled or cuddled regularly.

The Verdict?

Hedgehogs make quirky, low-maintenance pets for someone who understands their specialized care needs and limited interactions. Their cute appeal wears off for some people. Do ample research before deciding if a hedgehog fits your lifestyle.

More on the Pros of Hedgehogs as Pets

Interesting Behaviors

Hedgehogs are fascinating to watch as they snuffle around their cage looking for food. Seeing them roll into a ball or run on their wheel is entertaining.

Minimal Odor

As long as their cage is cleaned regularly, hedgehogs have little odor. Their small poops are easy to spot clean daily.

Interactive When Handled

Though hedgehogs take time to warm up, once comfortable they will unroll and explore when out of their cage. They like crawling through tubes or tunnels.

More Cons to Consider

Illegal in Some States

Certain states ban hedgehogs as pets due to concerns over escaped hedgehogs breeding in the wild. Make sure they are legal in your area first.

Risk of Injury from Quills

Hedgehog quills can pierce skin when they ball up or if mishandled. Their spines require careful handling to avoid getting poked.

Not Good for Young Children

Hedgehogs are easily stressed and tense up when held by noisy, busy kids. Older children are better able to handle them properly.

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