How To Pet Battle In Wow

Introduction to Pet Battles in World of Warcraft

What are Pet Battles?

Pet Battles are a gameplay feature introduced in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria that allows players to collect, level up, and battle companion pets against other players or NPC pet tamers. Pet battles work similarly to Pokemon battles, with pets having types, strengths, weaknesses, and movesets.

Getting Started with Pet Battles

To get started with pet battles, you’ll first need to acquire some companion pets. Pets can be obtained through quest rewards, purchased from vendors, found in the wild, or dropped by certain mobs. You can have up to 1000 unique pets in your collection.

Acquiring Your First Pet

New characters start with a pet already, and all characters receive a few pets from early leveling quests. Check your Pet Journal (Shift+P) to see pets you already have collected.

Leveling and Training Pets

Pets start at level 1 and can be leveled up to 25 through pet battle combat. Defeating pet tamer NPCs around the world is a good way to gain pet experience. You can also battle pets owned by other players. Visit a stable master to heal and revive pets between battles.

Pet Battling Strategies and Tips

Pet Types and Abilities

There are 10 different pet types, each with strengths and weaknesses against other types. Pay attention to type advantages. Read pet abilities and plan moves accordingly.

Winning Pet Battles

Synergize your team and abilities. Use pets that complement each other and survival/dodge abilities. Swap pets wisely to counter the opponent. Level up and upgrade pets to improve stats.

Capturing Wild Pets

Use weak abilities to bring down a wild pet’s health without killing it, then use the trap ability to attempt to capture it. Only certain wild pets can be captured.


Pet battles add a fun and strategic element to WoW. Collect diverse pets, form the best teams, and test your skills against other players. Max level pets and rare ones can unlock pet battle dungeons and raids for endgame play.

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WarcraftPets’ Comprehensive Guide to World of Warcraft Pet Battles


1. What are WoW Pet Battles and what can players do in them?
2. How can players get started with Pet Battles in World of Warcraft?
3. How does the Pet Battle UI work, and what can players do during a battle?
4. What are the different ways to heal and resurrect battle pets in WoW?
5. How can players capture wild pets, and what are some tips for doing so?


1. WoW Pet Battles are a turn-based mini-game within World of Warcraft that allow players to raise their companions to level 25, capture wild pets, and battle other players’ companions.

2. To get started with Pet Battles, players should seek out a trainer in one of the lower-level starting zones or in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. These trainers will teach the basics for 10 gold, including how to battle. The level requirement to receive Battle Pet Training is level 5, and this training is account-wide, meaning all your characters can use it once learned.

3. The Pet Battle UI provides information about your active pet’s abilities, your opponent’s health and abilities, and options to switch pets, pass a turn, capture a pet, or forfeit the match. The initiative of a pet is indicated by a golden border and a ‘speed’ mini-icon around its portrait, with higher speed pets going first.

4. Players can heal and resurrect their battle pets using three methods:
– **Revive Battle Pets spell:** This spell heals and resurrects all pets in the Pet Journal, including the active team. It has an 8-minute cooldown and can only be used out of combat.
– **Stable Master NPCs:** These NPCs can heal and revive pets for a fee, and there’s no cooldown on their healing services. Stable Masters can be found in major towns and cities.
– **Battle Pet Bandages:** These are random drops from NPC Pet Tamers and function like the Revive Battle Pets spell but without a cooldown. They are bind-on-account and can be used on multiple characters.

5. To capture wild pets, players need to reduce a wild pet’s health to less than 35% and then use the Trap ability when it becomes available. Players can only capture one companion from a team of wild pets, so they should choose wisely. If a trap fails, subsequent attempts have a higher chance of success. Some wild pets may not be capturable, but they can be checked in the Pet Journal.

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“World of Warcraft’s Pet Battle Gameplay”


1. What is the Pet Battle System in World of Warcraft, and what can players do with it?
2. How do battle pets gain experience and levels in WoW’s Pet Battle System?
3. What are the ten pet types or families in WoW’s Pet Battle System, and how do they relate to each other in terms of strengths and weaknesses?
4. What are the different qualities and breeds that can affect a battle pet’s stats in WoW?
5. How does the XP distribution work for battle pets in different battle scenarios, and what factors influence the XP gained?


1. The Pet Battle System in World of Warcraft allows players to use their collected pets in turn-based mini-games. Players can capture wild pets, train them to grow stronger, create teams for battling, and even challenge other players in pet battles.

2. Battle pets gain experience through winning battles. XP is awarded at the end of a battle, and it causes pets to gain levels. Gaining levels increases a pet’s stats and unlocks new abilities for them to use in battles. The maximum level cap for battle pets is 25.

3. There are ten pet types or families in WoW’s Pet Battle System, each with a unique passive ability. These families have strengths and weaknesses against each other. For example, a Beast pet takes extra damage from Mechanical attacks but less damage from Humanoid abilities. These modifiers are based on the type of the attacker’s ability and the type of the defending pet.

4. Collectible pets in WoW come in four qualities: Poor, Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Quality directly affects a pet’s stats, with Rare pets having the highest stats. The breed of a pet determines the balance of its stats and can significantly impact a pet’s abilities. There are ten breeds, and each species of pet may have different breed options.

5. XP distribution for battle pets varies depending on the battle scenario:
– In battles against the computer, XP is divided among all surviving participating pets, regardless of their actual contribution.
– In PvP pet battles, XP is divided between all participating pets on the winning team, dead or alive.
– Duels do not reward any XP.
– Battles ending with the death of all involved pets do not reward XP.
– XP distribution takes into account the level of pets, with lower-level pets gaining a slightly larger portion.
– The overall amount of XP granted is calculated based on a formula that considers the level of your pet and the level of the opponent’s pet.
– Max-level pets cannot gain XP but can earn it and distribute it to participating non-max-level pets.

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“Beginner’s Guide to Pet Battles in World of Warcraft”

**1. How can I obtain a Masked Tanuki pet in World of Warcraft?**
To obtain a Masked Tanuki pet in World of Warcraft, you need to engage in pet battles. You cannot obtain this pet through other means.

**2. How do I capture wild battle pets in World of Warcraft?**
To capture a wild battle pet, you need to lower its health during a battle and then use a pet trap. The chance of capturing the pet increases with each trap attempt. If you defeat the pet, you won’t be able to capture it.

**3. What is the purpose of the “cage” option in pet battles?**
During a pet battle, when a wild pet’s health is low enough, a “cage” option will appear. This option allows you to attempt to capture the wild pet using a pet trap. Successfully capturing the pet depends on your timing and the pet’s remaining health.

**4. How can I level up my pets to level 25 quickly in World of Warcraft?**
One way to level up your pets quickly is to do pet battles in the Shadowlands zones with level 1 pets. Shadowlands pets scale down to level 1 when you use level 1 pets. You can also collect polished pet battle charms and use them to buy Ultimate Battle Training Tokens to instantly level up your pets to 25.

**5. What should I know about pet types and rarities in World of Warcraft pet battles?**
Pet types have strengths and weaknesses similar to Pokémon. Understanding these types is crucial for successful pet battles. Additionally, pets come in different rarities, with blue pets being the strongest. A higher speed stat means your pet will take turns faster in battles.

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