Why Did They Kill Peter In The Great

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Pete’s Rivalry with Donald

While Pete gets along well with most of the Clubhouse gang, he is often at odds with Donald Duck. Pete and Donald have clashing personalities and easily get annoyed with each other’s antics. However, their rivalry is friendly and they still work together when needed.

Pete’s Catchphrases

Pete has a few common catchphrases that he uses frequently in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse such as “Well, blow me down!”, “Good gravy!”, and calling others “Pally”. These phrases help add to Pete’s character and comedic moments.

Pete’s Singing

In musical numbers and special theme songs, Pete sometimes provides bass vocals along with the other characters. He may not be the most graceful singer, but Pete enjoys participating in the group songs.

Pete’s Appetite

As a large cat, Pete is known for having a hearty appetite. He often thinks and talks about food. Pete’s lunchbox and favorite snacks are recurring gags in some episodes.

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